Black Garden Blu-Ray

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Release Date: 10/12/20
EAN: 794712430780
ISBN: 978-0-6450367-7-0
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Black Garden Blu-Ray

  • Based on the 9th circle of hell in Dante's Inferno, Black Garden begins on Christmas Eve in the near future. It's eight days after the end of World War III and a handful of survivors wait to die, except one. As Kate makes contact with an unknown radio broadcaster, she travels on foot in search of his broadcast location until the true intention of the voice reveals himself.

  • Director:  Shaun Wilson

    Actors: Cara Culligan, Gary Keltie

    Film Genre:  Sci Fi

    Label: Bakers Road Entertainment

    Region Coding: 2

    TV Standard: PAL

    Rating: M

    Consumer Advice: Coarse language

    Year of Release: 2020

    Primary Format - Movies/TV:  Blu-Ray