Black Garden Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

SKU: AC8176-51

Release Date: 28/11/20

Artist: Sinjuku Thief

EAN: 794712398301
ISBN: 978-0-6450367-0-1

Black Garden Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  • This new soundtrack from Shinjuku Thief provides a rich, evocative underscore for the Australian feature film Black Garden, available now through Prime Video and iTunes. Composer Darrin Verhagen’s trademark lush symphonic darkness is paired back to reveal the pulsing core beneath — an evocative ambient, post-industrial, drone soundscape. The score ranges in mood across the narrative arc. The occasional wrought orchestral highlights will be welcome touchstones for fans of the band’s earlier Witch Trilogy opus; dark ambient environments envelop the listener like a radioactive fog; and threaded throughout this lush darkness are moments of momentum, driven by electronic sequences as the drama continues to build. (Projekt Records).