Caina DVD

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Release Date: 10/12/20

EAN: 794712441793

ISBN: 978-0-6450367-2-5

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Caina DVD

  • Set in the near future, Caina a xenophobic body hunter gathers drowned refugees who wash up on the shores of her Sicilian island. As her situation unravels, Caina begins to see and hear the dead who warn her of a pending fate.

  • Director:  Stefano Amatucci

    Actors: Luisa Amatucci, Isa Danieli, Helmi Dridi 

    Film Genre:  Drama

    Label: Bakers Road Entertainment (Australia)

    Region Coding: 4

    Language: Italian (English subtitles)

    TV Standard: PAL

    Rating: M 15+

    Consumer Advice: Strong themes

    Year of Release: 2020

    Primary Format - Movies/TV:  DVD