Masterpiece Collection: Winter Orbit Blu-Ray

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Release Date: 16/12/20


ISBN: 978-0-6489553-1-3

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Masterpiece Collection: Winter Orbit Blu-Ray

  • Winter Orbit is the fourth installment of the 51 Paintings Suite from artist Shaun Wilson which addresses the COVID-19 pandemic through slow cinema, referencing artworks made during the Black Plague era re-contextualised into contemporary spaces. Masterpieces' art series produced by the GBiennale focused on new artworks from established and notable artists. Text by Pearl Wilson and score by Shinjuku Thief.

  • Director:  Shaun Wilson

    Text: Pearl Wilson

    Score: Shinjuku Thief

    Film Genre:  Art

    Label: Bakers Road Entertainment

    Region Coding: 2

    TV Standard: PAL

    Rating: G

    Consumer Advice: General

    Year of Release: 2020

    Primary Format - Movies/TV:  Blu-Ray